Wembley Arch

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Colourful Icecubes

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Well Hello There

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Hard At Work

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Admiring The Chipmunk

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iPhone 3G Get!

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After waiting what seemed like forever for my local O2 store manager to ring up, I gave up at around 4 in the afternoon and started ringing around various branchs of O2 and Carphone Warehouse on the off chance that someone might still have some in stock. Lo and behold the Brent Cross O2 store had not 1 but 15 of the babies in stock, albeit only 8GB versions, but I couldnt care less!

Off I rushed to the store, and was greeted by some cheerful staff, unlike in the morning. It seemed that they were not taking anymore new or standard upgrades, only iPhone to iPhone upgrades which was perfect. After idly chatting to the assistant about what a shambles this all was, I was taken aside to fill out a form and within 15 minutes I walked out of the shop a happy man. Finally.

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Yet, as happy as I was, getting home I was met with another deadend. Not only had the O2 systems gone down, but Apple servers were also playing up. Trying to activate the device using iTunes I kept getting messages telling me to “make sure that my network connections and settings were active”. Well fuck you Apple, as it is clear that your network connection is the one that is inactive. Seeing as there was noway around it, I took my old iPhone and backed that up (unbeknown to me a few weeks ago, this backup process saves all your contacts, settings as all as every single SMS message!). That was now out of the way. All I needed now was the Apple servers to get back up and running, which, unsurprisingly took a few hours, but I finally got it activated. And I was now truly a happy man.

Raised Headphone Jack!, originally uploaded by HaHa UK.

The device really is as sexy, sleek and lovely to play with as its predecessor, yet there are a few downsides many may overlook:
1. iPhone 3G does not come with a dock;
2. The plastic back gets very, very fingerprinty, very quickly. If you thought the touchscreen required constant cleaning, then turn it over and youll need to clean more.
3. The plastic back feels like it will get scratched a lot easier than the original iPhone.

Those are the only downsides Ive seen so far, which arent that major to be honest. That aside, the device, as stated earlier is a marvel to hold. Along with the 3G, GPS and the App Store, I think Im sorted for the foreseeable future. Or until the white one is released here.

The iPhone I’m still waiting for…

Excited as I was when I was inches away from purchasing the new iPhone this morning, nothing could have been more depressing than being turned away. I queued up nice and early outside my local O2 store, missing the bigger branches for obvious reasons, I was greeted by half a dozen or so avid fans. As the minutes got closer to the grand 8.02 opening, the queue got bigger and bigger, until it reached around 40-50 people, most of which would have wasted their time standing there.

Londons finest also acknowleged this grand opening by sending 3 of their not so finest community support officers who looked as baffled by the queue as most of the commuters and schoolchildren walking past, but who cares, cos we’ll be getting the iPhone and they would not! Or so we thought.

As the store opened, the manager let in half a dozen people at a time. Me being number 8 missed it by an inch. Within ten minutes he had returned to inform us that the servers were running extremely slow and asked us for patience. Another 20 minutes passed at which time he informed us that the servers had crashed and he would not know when they would be back up. Noone moved. We’d all been standing in our place for almost two hours so we thought we’d wait it out.

Half an hour passed, and the manager finally realised that this wasnt going anywhere. He started taking down names and numbers, in queue order, and told us he would call us individually when the servers start working.

I went inside to have a gander at the display models, and idly watched as the first six people happily walked out of the store clutching their iPhones.

You would have thought that a launch so huge, and so publicised would have been adequately maintained, tested and supported, yet from where Im standing it seems as O2 couldnt give a shit. They sent me home to twiddle my thumbs and wait for their call. I dont expect my phone to ring today.

SLR’s are expensive…

Been playing around with my new Nikon D40 for a couple of weeks now, and absolutely loving it. The sub-£300 price tag was a bargain, but as I use it more, the temptation to spend more takes over. I have so far bought an extra lens, a Sigma 70-300mm Macro, for £100 and am tempted to get another Macro lens, as well as a wide-angle lens as well. This photography business is seriously turning out to be an expensive hobby.

SLR in the House…

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a Nikon D40 SLR camera. Will take some getting used to as its bigger and heavier than the cameras Im used to, but from what Ive tried out its a lot more fun than before! And it makes me look like a pro too.

Keep an eye out in my Flickr Photostream for the fruits of my labour.


Backlog, originally uploaded by HaHa UK.

What do you get when you mix dirt cheap movies with the examination season and coursework deadlines? Yes, you got it. A huge backlog of unwatched films.

Its gonna take some time to get through it all. But it will be done!